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Profind is your 

career co-pilot

Profind helps you understand yourself, plan your career path, and land you interviews for the perfect jobs.

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The new way to get hired

The old way of job hunting is outdated. We use AI to make your life easier.

AI job matches

We get it, job searching is hard and confusing. Let Profind give you job recommendations that lines up with your skills and passion like how a recruiter would!

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Let companies
pitch to you

Research companies with ease and even let them pitch you to join them with their AI ambassador that tells you about their business, values and benefits!

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AI Resume &
Other AI Tools

Maximise your success rate and minimise the time you need to spend to get an interview with Profind's AI tools! Career pathfinder, CV Doctors and more!

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We get it, the career landscape is complicated, and its okay to feel lost. That is why we are here.

Why Profind?

Because success is easier if you know how

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Clarity + Resources
= Success

We get it, the career journey is complicated and scary. That is why we are here by your side to give you clarity and the resources that you need to succeed.

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Profind is about you. It is not a social media, there is no need to compete with anyone, it is here to give you what you need to suceed in your own way.

Because everyone deserves career guidance

You deserve career guidance as much as little timmy whose dad is a lawyer. Now you too have a career advisor in your pocket. No need to book 2 weeks in advance for a 30 minute session.

Automate your professional success

Profind super-charges your professional growth with AI tools and automations. Reducing your time on researching and figuring out what to do by 90%.

How others use Profind

Profind is for everyone,
every school, and every organisation

Find clarity and unlock your career's full potential

Begin, grow and succeed on your professional journey with your very own career companion.

  • Get advices on career concerns 24/7 with career expert AI
  • Discover and apply to opportunities with clarity and ease
  • Boost efficiency with AI tools
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Empower your students with their own career advisor

Empower your students with AI-driven career guidance, enhances their employability, and bridges the gap between education and the professional world.

  • Reduce career office workload
  • Equal access for all students
  • Data analytics dashboard
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Recruit and reach next-gen talents

Reach relevant talents with your job postings, products, services and more.

  • Improve brand visibility, and convey values, impact and culture to talents.
  • Maximise Job-candidate match rate
  • Connect with talents who are actively looking to improve and grow.
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Maximise your workforce's potential and improve internal mobility

Supercharge the growth of your workforce so that they are always up to date with the latest news and skills, and give them the clarity and resources needed for internal growth.

  • Browse internal position openings and identify skills needed
  • Relevant resources for both the growth of your company and the employees
  • Data analytics dashboard for team management
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Features built for your career

Whether you are a student, a graduate, or a working professional.
There will be something for you.

And many more coming soon

What people
are saying

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your professional journey

Profind's AI guidance made climbing the career ladder as a developer intuitive and effective – I've landed my dream job thanks to it!
H.W. - Software Developer
Was lost in my career direction—Profind's skill gap identifier pointed me towards data analytics, and I've found my calling!
S.R. - Mathematics student @ Imperial College London
Profind's resources and job compatibility checker transformed my internship hunt from stressful to successful.
N.Y. - Business & administration student @ CUHK

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is Profind?

Profind is an AI-powered career growth platform that provides personalized guidance and tools to help individuals navigate their career paths effectively.

Is Profind suitable for someone with no clear direction?

Absolutely. Profind is designed to help individuals at any stage, including those who are uncertain about their career direction, by suggesting potential paths and necessary skills.

Is Profind free?

Yes, Profind is free to use for everyone! We charge selected partners to help boost their visibility. In the future, we might introduce premium features for those who are seeking an extra boost on ther career.

How is Profind different from ChatGPT?

Profind is a specialized career development platform that leverages AI to offer personalized guidance and tools for job seekers and professionals, including CV enhancement, career mapping, and job compatibility checks, while also recommends a range of curated resources to you, which isn't available on ChatGPT.

How does the Career Advisor AI work?

Profind uses AI to semantically understands you profile, so your resource and opportunities recommendations, and advisory conversations is personalised for you.

Can Profind help me find a job?

Yes! There are multiple features that does specifically that. Profind's CV Doctor feature reviews and suggests improvements for your CV to enhance its appeal to potential employers, job opportunities recommended to you, and even interview practices for your applications.

How is Profind different from LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals, Profind is an AI-centric tool designed for private, individual career growth. We complement LinkedIn's networking capabilities by providing personalized, data-driven career advice, and we encourage users to utilize both platforms to maximize their professional development.

How does Profind use my data?

Profind uses your data to personalize your experience, offering career recommendations, optimizing your CV, and identifying skill gaps, all while maintaining strict data privacy and security standards. It will never be shared to anyone without your permission.

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